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Shift from Anxious to Secure Attachment

Do you lean towards anxious attachment and experience fear, worry and panic when someone energetically pulls away? You’re not alone. I used to feel intense separation anxiety and emotional overwhelm in relationships until I found my way back home. Now, I help anxious attachers move to secure attachment and create secure, loving & connected relationships.

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After working with people who struggle with anxious attachment and relationship anxiety, I discovered 9 Anxious Attachment Patterns that are sabotaging their relationships. Take this 4 minute assessment to find out your strongest pattern and what you need to do to overcome it to start healing your anxious attachment.

Can you heal anxious attachment?

Your attachment style is permeable and through healing and repatterning, you can rewire neural pathways and shift into secure functioning no matter what age or circumstances are. We all have an innate capacity for secure attachment and secure, loving relationships in our lives and I can help you make this transformational shift.

Your Anxious Attachment Patterns were developed as survival strategies to cope with difficult experiences and emotions when you were a young child.

In order to overcome your anxious patterns and shift into Secure Attachment we need to go back to the root cause of each pattern, releasing the energetic ties from the emotional body, so they can be healed and integrated into the present. If you want to begin this work there’s 2 ways I can help.

ifs therapy internal family systems therapy bristol love your parts therapy

8 week Signature group program

Becoming Secure

Break free from unhealthy relationship patterns and create secure attachments that feel safe and supportive in 2022. You can do this on your own or buddy up with someone to do practice exercises and support each other. 

ifs therapy internal family systems therapy bristol love your parts therapy

1:1 therapy & coaching

Heal Anxious Attachment

In this 1:1 container we’ll heal your anxious attachment style and help you create secure, loving & connected relationships. This is for you if you want more guidance and support through the process.

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About Me

Hey, I'm Vicky

I’m an Anxious Attachment Practitioner for anxious attachers who experience fear, panic and anxiety in relationships 

When I was embarking on my healing journey, I wanted to address my chronic loneliness, abandonment issues and anxious attachment, and I went on a spiritual quest to find inner peace. 

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Signature group program

Becoming Secure

If you’d like to heal anxious attachment and shift into secure functioning, I recommend my signature group program, where you’ll learn to shift your anxious patterns to secure patterns. Early bird ends Wednesday 23rd Febuary.


"I've had so much therapy over the years & I feel like this is getting to the root of my anxiety, I'm really glad I found you".