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About Me

Hello, I'm Vicky

I’m an I’m an Anxious Attachment practitioner helping anxious attachers with relationship anxiety create secure, loving and stable relationships. 

When I was embarking on my healing journey, I wanted to address my chronic loneliness, abandonment issues and anxious attachment, and I went on a spiritual quest to find the codes to healing anxious attachment.

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About me

I’m an Anxious Attachment practitioner helping anxious attachers with relationship anxiety create secure, loving and stable relationships. 

One of my love languages is dancing – I love doing salsa and bachata in my spare time. It brings me so much joy, confidence and connection!

Over the years, I’ve struggled with depression and severe relationship anxiety due to growing up with neglectful and emotionally absent parents. 

I’ve explored the deeper layers of my inner healing through a range of modalities, and have experienced mountains of emotional and spiritual healing. 

I have trained in Somatic Attachment Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Somatic Parts Work, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Work and I continue to gather wisdom along the way. 

I’m passionate about helping people heal their relationship patterns of anxious attachment, codependency and people pleasing, so they can make space for secure and authentic love. I also help people with depression, anxiety and fearful avoidant attachment.

My Core Values

I know how important the therapeutic relationship is for your healing. I create a supportive and non-judgemental space, so that clients feel safe.


I knew I'd been blocking my emotions around some healing and Victoria really helped me bring it to the surface to resolve it! The session was really effective, very deep work and I felt so calm afterwards! The issues I'd been feeling felt like a distant memory!

I highly recommend working with Victoria to help heal your inner child and any issues you might be having! ~ Lucy

Why did I train in Attachment Therapy?

I embarked on my healing journey after experiencing numerous unhealthy relationships and I wanted to address my anxious attachment, relationship anxiety and abandonment issues. 

I searched for healing sessions and by chance I came across attachment therapy. Things started to shift for me pretty quickly and I felt much more calm and relaxed in relationships. 

Since then I’ve immersed myself in other therapy modalities, so that I can pull from a range of psychotherapeutic healing techniques and create a framework specifically for those who want to heal their anxious attachment and relationship anxiety. For years I’ve been looking for a healing framework for anxious attachment and now I combine everything I know from parts work, somatic attachment therapy and personal growth.

After seeing my own healing transformation, I’m now incredibly passionate about helping others heal their relationship patterns, so they can create space for secure and sustainable intimacy. 

So wherever you are right now, there is hope. We’re all innately wired for secure functioning and I can help you return home to yourself and create a secure connection inside of yourself.

Educational and therapeutic training

Somatic Attachment Therapy, The Embody Lab

Internal Family Systems Therapy, IFS Institute (Level 1)

Integrative Somatic Parts Work, Frances D Booth

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somerset School of Hypnotherapy

Masters in Psychology, University of Manchester 

Member of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

Your next step

Ready to heal anxious attachment and relationship anxiety?

Attachment therapy is an intuitive healing process that will help you to shift Anxious Attachment Patterns by healing attachment wounds and creating space for secure patterns. This will help you cultivate an inner secure attachment and create secure, loving and attuned relationships. 

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