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ifs therapy internal family systems therapy love your parts therapy bristol
internal family systems therapy bristol ifs therapy love your parts therapy

"The session was really effective, very deep work and I felt so calm afterwards!"

I worked with Victoria for a parts therapy session. I knew I’d been blocking my emotions around some healing and Victoria really helped me bring it to the surface to resolve it! The session was really effective, very deep work and I felt so calm afterwards! The issues I’d been feeling felt like a distant memory! I highly recommend working with Victoria to help heal your inner child and any issues you might be having!

Frequently Asked Questions

Parts therapy is the concept that our personality is composed of parts (e.g., the anxious part, the inner critic, and the quirky part). After trauma or attachment injury parts take on extreme roles (e.g., hyper-vigilance and caretaking). IFS therapy helps people to engage with their parts with curiosity and compassion, so parts can release intense emotions and heal.

IFS therapy helps you to connect with “Self”, which is  your inner parent of loving energy. When you connect with your parts from a place of Self, you can release extreme emotions and beliefs from parts and bring the whole system into harmony. The natural bi-product of this is that it reduces self-destructive emotional and behavioural patterns related to depression, anxiety, aloneness and low-self esteem.

IFS therapy at it’s core is spiritual psychotherapy that helps you to lovingly connect to parts from a spiritual center. It differs from other therapies because with the support of Self, clients are less overwhelmed and achieve permanent healing.

My areas of speciality are depression, hopelessness & unworthiness, identity & self esteem, and anxiety.

I offer a 60 minute sessions to allow for sufficient depth and to allow immediate relief. But if you are seeking to transform the issue for good, I recommend a period of 3 months. 

  • £90 for a 60 minute session
  • £500 p/m

I am an approved therapist by IPHM.